Themed Workshops



Certificate Courses

"如何" 快速,简单,高效率地掌控你自己的未来


在我们培训计划里,您会获得有关您个人的需求,所以您可以真正得到与众不同的成长方式。 NLP的知识有几个层次:NLP执行师,NLP高级执行师及相关应用班。在当今全球,NLP在扎实的实践基础上提供了当前最先进的技术,并可以应用融合到您的职业生涯中。


Business Training

Teaching/ Enterprises/ Government Organizational Training:

Based on actual situation of the business, we provide all kinds of business training including intense sales, business management and excellent presentation at all levels, from entry to executive level. It is a highly effective training that helps business to increase the sales for several to tens of times!

Provide training services for higher education organizations for subjects other than academic study, including improve study ability, understand one’s own ability, make the best of the advantage and bypass the weaknesses, preparing for job interviews, goal setting in subconscious and planning for future.

Make customized training plan for different organizations targeting at sales and management from entry to higher level, provide hands on training to the business’s training staff, and facilitate the business set up a training system.

Personal Service

Including: career breakthrough, analysis on personal value, increase learning ability, career plan, mood management, gender relations, parenting, interpersonal relationship, personal coaching, potential development, harmony between body and heart, health issue, facilitate you to equally develop on career, family, health, personal and spiritualism.