Personality vs. Communication – 2.5 hours

“Personality vs. Communication” is a practical Psychology workshop. In the workshop you will learn, through a few simple steps, that in order to achieve effective communication, you should use different methods to communicate with different people, who have different personalities. Good communication is easier to achieve than you thought. You can present yourself well and get your message over successfully with a few simple skills.

The real communication and sales are from inside to outside. Through learning personality and value level you can fully understand yourself and influence others, you can achieve more with less effort in career, family and wealth, and you can be continuously motivated to achieve your goal.

Sales, Management and Communication Skills – 2.5 hours

  • Communicate effectively with clients; keep current clients; find potential clients
  • Increase sales; keep improving in hardship
  • Understand other’s communication pattern in order to improve communication efficiency
  • Make your staff 100% follow your instruction
  • Develop your potentials and earn the amount of money you want to earn
  • Attract strangers within a few minutes
  • Be in a leading position in any negotiation
  • Get rid of pressure and manage emotion

3. Body and Spirit Harmony Subconscious and Hypnosis – 2.5 hours

Human can conduct self-enhancement, self-education and self-healing through resources in their mind. If you drop a hint in the subconscious world, the power of the hint can be really strong and last for a long time. This workshop will introduce simple and effective ways to give you a hands-on experience through demonstration, through which you will understand the massive power of subconscious. You will also get to know how to use the healing power of self suggestion to solve your or your friends and relatives’ problems.

Personal Value – Original Power for Achieving the Goal - 12 hours

Personal Value is hiding deeply in your sub-conscious. It provides the benchmark for you to judge good/bad, right/wrong and it is the basis for you to make a choice. Like a mirror, Personal Value can show you the core of life and guide you towards your future path. Once you understand this part, you will be awarded with unexpected achievement in family, career and fortune.