Q. What is NLP?

A. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a set of techniques or tools for enhancing personal and professional development and facilitating change.

Q. What can NLP do for me?

A. NLP can help you change your behaviors quickly and painlessly. NLP techniques can interrupt old unwanted programming and install new choices so that your new behaviors become automatic. Lifelong habits, fears and phobias can be eliminated in moments.

Q. What else can NLP do?

A. NLP is sometimes referred to as the science of modeling expertise. What if you could learn to model (copy) human excellence. NLP professionals say that if you can learn enough quality information about how a person produces any acheivement or result in life, then you can reproduce a similar result.

Q. Where is NLP useful?

A. NLP is valuable wherever communication skills can enhance results--in business, management, sales, training, negotiations, the court room, the class room, counselling, therapy, personal relationships, parenting, nursing, public speaking, sports performance, and more.

Q. Is NLP manipulative?

A. NLP is so powerful in getting results that people want to know that it will be used to benefit them. The integrity and ecology of the value systems of each individual is of utmost importance. NLP is a learning process and you may find you have more control over what you accept or reject in attempts at manipulation from other people including advertisers or politicians. NLP is about giving you more choice.

Q. Can NLP be used on yourself?

A. Yes. You can apply many NLP patterns to make your own life more rewarding. You can change how you feel, install new learning strategies, change habits, motivate yourself, and much more. Some processes require facilitation by a trained NLP Practitioner.

Q. Does NLP deal with emotions?

A. Yes! One of the wonderful things about NLP is that even highly emotional issues can most often be resolved without dredging up or reliving painful experiences from the past. NLP helps people transform debilitating emotional experiences into empowering, resourceful states, pleasantly and effectively.

Q. What about communication with others?

A. NLP offers powerful tools for effective communication; within yourself, and with others. Most of us naturally assume everyone else is operating just like us. By recognizing that other people have different values and brain patterns, you can learn now to communicate beyond the conscious filters of an individual, in the way they need to get the information, instead of the way you would want to receive information.

Q. What is Time Line Therapy©?

A. Based on the observation that much of our behavior is temporally (time) based, time line processes are powerful and dramatic technology for affecting change at the deepest levels. Shame, fear, guilt, phobias, anxiety, are eliminated quickly and easily; even personal history can be changed.

Q. Can I get results from reading a book, or is it better to attend a seminar or training?

A. NLP is an experiential science. Books and tapes are useful, but seminars conducted by competent trainers allow you to observe live demonstrations, practice in a supportive environment, get individual feedback in real time, and make safe, effective, and permanent personal change.

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Q. 什么样的人适合学习NLP?

尤其适用于:企业负责人、职业经理人、市场营销人员、行政人事工作者、公关人员、培训工作者、教练、教育工作者、心理咨询师、为人父母者、人文研究者等等 我得到什么,当我完成NLP教练从业认证培训? 通过书面的 管理, 展示行为能力的NLP技巧后,你将收到一份证书,表明你是一个NLP教练从业。 您可以使用的称号,认证的NLP教练从业者,广告自己。 我们强烈建议,如果你打算实践NLP的,你完成的NLP教练硕士医生的培训,以获得全方位的技能和工作所需的各种个人的工具与他人。 我们还提供持续的后教练掌握医生的培训,让您微调的技能。 每个州都有其自身的规律,调节心理健康的。 有些需要由认可大学或学院的先进程度。