Self Awareness

We will provide several scientific proven tools, including personality, personal value, EQ, thinking pattern and other tests that are the most up to date, the most effective, the most accurate, the most recommended in the psychology world, so that you will get to explore yourself from 360 degree angles and inside out to discover your shortcomings and advantages. After you find your real self you will be able to set a goal that really works for you. In the course you will not only get to do the test yourself, you will also learn to use these questionnaires to help others.

If you want to progress in your life and have a brighter future, decide now to attend this course! You will have a great harvest.

  1. 1.Five Sense Organs Message Intake test

* Representational system – We all use the five senses to present our inner thoughts. This is to understand through which way you receive a message better.
* What is the best way that suits you in working and studying?
* Make good use of and adjust your message receiving channel to speed up communication with others.

  1. 2.Personal Value – origin of your personal happiness

* Understand what your motivation is; what the origin of your personal conscious and subconscious is.
* learn how to distinguish the part of your personal value that is not good for you or not good anymore.
* Recognize and remove the conflicts in your subconscious. (For example, I want to earn money. But if I work hard I won’t have any free time.)
* Think deeply everyone’s personal value and development.
* How to adjust personal value so that they can help to achieve what you want and personal development.

  1. 3.Meta Programs – the inner rules in subconscious that build who you are

* Understand those inner filters and how they work to equip people with different skills and abilities.
* How to select a proper person for a proper position to achieve a win-win situation (this is very important in business world).
* Learn how to obtain Meta Programs by talking instead of invading clients’ privacy.

  1. 4.Advanced strategy

* Learn how to install strategy (through formal and informal logical treatment process)
* Obtain advanced strategy and utilize it in different situations (sales, management)

  1. 5.Classify thinking pattern

* Find out the thinking pattern that you are used to.
* Recognize the best part in your thinking pattern.

  1. 6.MBTI

* Through analysing the 16 types of personality, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of your personality.
* The set of questionnaire that is used to recruit new staff by the Global 500.
* The set of questionnaire that is the most accurate.

  1. 7.EQ

In an Information Age dominated by economic development, the interpersonal skills have become more important than your working ability.

  1. 8.Interest

If we know exactly what our real interest is, we will have the opportunity to combine interest with job and work on something that we are interested in.