Self Alignment

Once you discover a real you and have any thoughts to improve yourself, this stage provides you with a series of tools to help you get rid of your bad habits and change your mood when necessary. Also the powerful and effective communication skills will help you communicate with others and be the person whom you want to be.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a very practical and result-oriented skill. It let us understand and control our thinking pattern in conscious level and sub-conscious level. We will teach you how to use this skill on yourself and others (can be used in personal progress and small group coaching).

Join now in the training courses provided by Rebecca and Paul! Learn how to use NLP! Bring your NLP Practitioner skills to a new level! We understand that you are working or studying. No time? Don’t worry! As long as you want to change your current situation, our flexible class timetable will fully meet your requirement, from which you will get several certificates.

In the NLP Practitioner course, you will get to learn:

Basic NLP – basic assumptions
NLP believes that the personal belief and value system can control the thinking pattern in the brain, while at the same time delete the pattern that the brain doesn’t like.

NLP can help you recognize and control the connection between your heart, mood and behavior.

NLP is the clearest and easiest model for people to study, communicate, change and develop.

The 11 rules for you to achieve your set goal

  • ·Distinguish between achieved goals and to be achieved goals.
  • ·Learn to set up a goal and achieve the goal successfully.
  • ·Discover how to set a specific goal for you (or others) instead of an ambiguous one through asking questions.


The topics of the course includes

  • ·Build rapport – how to quickly gain identification and trust from others.
  • ·Sub-modality – secret programming software in brain.
  • ·Language pattern – the words and sentences you use to represent your real thoughts and personality.
  • ·Anchor – How to control your feeling and your emotion.
  • ·Strategy – How to get the result you want through controlling the program that processes matters in your mind.
  • ·Part Intergration – Stop inner conflict.

If you learn with us, you will be able to use what you have learned in following areas:

  • ·Business and personal coaching;
  • ·All sorts of business training, especially sales and communication;
  • ·Learning and teaching training;
  • ·Personal improvement and growth;
  • ·Fixing and training interpersonal relationship.


Quantum Linguistics – better eloquence

  • ·Learn how to use the language as a resource for achieving success of willpower;
  • ·Understand how easy it is to change limiting decision in a conversation without being noticed;
  • ·16 response methods to solve any problems in communication;
  • ·Explore deeply in the subconscious the origin of unhappiness;
  • ·A negotiation model that will never fail (always general a result).


NLP and Quantum Physics

  • ·Simple Quantum Physics that is easy to understand links to personal change.
  • ·We will present the simplified Quantum Physics to you and show you how to make use of its rules combined with NLP skills.
  • ·We will tell you why human’s brain functions more like Quantum Physics instead of Newtonian physics, and how to make use of it to enable personal change.
  • ·The nature of holographic universe and a new perspective to health.


Time Line Therapy ® Practitioner Certificate course

  • ·Ability to control your own life;
  • ·Penetrate the obstacles from your inner self and others;
  • ·Get rid of negative emotions, beliefs and decisions;
  • ·Make the right decision;
  • ·Understand what you really want;
  • ·Get into a motivated state and stay in the state;
  • ·Create a future that you really want;
  • ·Understand your inner time machine and understand how it creates your future;
  • ·Make use of S-M-A-R-T principles to achieve your goal;
  • ·Delete the limiting decision from beliefs and decisions;
  • ·Learn how to realize your future, make it more effective, motivating and exciting.


All the certificate course are recognized by Australian Hypnotherapists' Association, American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming, The American Board of Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™ Association,therefore, your certificates are worldwide recognized.